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The genesis

Founded by Rodolphe Huard in February 2021, IngeMEP was born from the desire to provide a tailor-made service to critical customers (Data Center, etc.) by providing them with "technical consulting expertise" .  

Engineer and consultant

 IngeMEP is a flexible structure which favors quality to the detriment of quantity in order to guarantee top-of-the-range services.  

IngeMEP is a 100% French company, governed by French law and entirely independent.

Our team

IngeMEP is made up of a team of perfectly bilingual, human-sized professionals who prioritize the delivery of quality projects to a wide range of international clients.

After a degree in Mechanics and Electrical at Centrale Lille in 2003, Rodolphe joined Egis Bâtiment as a strong current engineer.

He worked for more than 4 and a half years on several international industrial projects for the group.


He then joined the company Oger International in Abu Dhabi in 2007 as head of an electrical activity including the supervision of a team of electrical designers.

He worked on projects such as the Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi as well as several IGH projects during these years. 

Back in France, Rodolphe joined the company Deerns, European leader in Data center design, as electricity manager and then head of the Data center division. 

He then created IngeMEP with proven international technical experience and a desire to provide consulting engineering experience to its clients. 

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Hassan A.

Electrical engineer

Hassan, a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, has more than 10 years of professional experience with a 5-year specialization in Data center projects. 

His expertise includes the design of technical installations, management and monitoring of projects as project manager and project management assistant.


Since the founding of IngeMEP, Hassan has demonstrated his advanced technical skills, his international experience and his skills as a project manager. 


Its expertise covers all aspects of high current electricity, from MV/HV installations to terminal distribution systems including low current systems such as security, fire safety, technical building management and cabling. multimedia. 


Saifuddin M.

Junior T&C engineer

A final year master's student at ESTP, Saifuddin is currently completing his end-of-studies internship. He joined IngeMEP in 2021 for his work-study program and has already contributed to the success of several flagship projects by participating in particular in Testing & Commissioning. 

Saifuddin previously gained experience at Bouygues where he worked on construction sites for 2 years. 

His flexibility and determination in the face of complex technical subjects contributes to the success of the projects on which he works. 

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Strong current engineer

Recently graduated with a master's degree in energy and intelligent buildings from ECAM, Ayoub is a strong current engineer.

His internship at Bouygues in data center operations combined with his experience at IngeMEP allowed him to develop skills in critical technical systems in energy. 

With a flexible, open and flexible approach, he has already significantly contributed to numerous data center projects at IngeMEP. 


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