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Interxion PAR8 & 9

Ingemep was commissioned to carry out the Testing & Commissioning on the contractor side for the end customer Interxion on the PAR 8 & 9

Our client

Interxion is a European provider of colocation data center services neutral to telecom operators and cloud providers. Its head office is located in Amsterdam.

The company provides space, power, cooling and physical security to its customers, enabling them to host their IT network, IT and storage infrastructure, and connect to service providers. services, cloud, connectivity operators, etc.

Interxion operates 41 data centers in 11 European countries, with locations in London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Marseille, etc.

Our mission

Ingemep was commissioned to carry out the Testing & Commissioning level 3 and 4 including writing scripts, setting up tests as well as writing various commissioning tests. 

A power quality analysis was also carried out. 

All of this allowed complete reporting to the T&C agent. 

The technical know-how of IngeMEP on a French site with a foreign client made it possible to carry out commissioning tests for this site of more than 25MW as quickly as possible. 

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